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Is your teenage son struggling with addiction and substance abuse? Troubled teens seeking solace in drugs, alcohol and poor lifestyle choices are all too common, and it can be hard to know where to look for the right kind of substance abuse treatment. Fortunately, Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge is here to help.

At Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge, we provide a safe environment for teenage boys who are struggling with addiction to get clean and recover. We guide them to reconnect with God to fill the gap they sought to fill self-destructive indulgences. Find out more about how Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge has helped countless teenagers win back their lives and their faith through our programs for troubled teens.

Faith Based Treatment

Our focus at Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge is on faith. We take our lessons from the study of the Bible and use the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a guiding light to help troubled teens recover from addiction and unhealthy life habits.

With group discipleship and one-to-one mentoring programs, your teenage son will be helped to reconnect with God and reconnect with their own faith, filling the void that their addiction has made.

Community, Bonding, and Recovery

One of the most important and helpful aspects of the support we provide is that your teenage son will be a part of our community. Addiction is inherently lonely, and dealing with any attempt to recover in isolation is almost guaranteed to fail.

With the support of other teens in the same situation, as well as some mentors who are previous addicts themselves and our experienced, understanding staff, your son will never be alone.

Not only that, but through our dedication to Jesus Christ, we teach our students that once they rekindle their relationship with God, they will always have a companion in their heart.

Holistic Recovery

We take an overall approach to addiction recovery, focusing not just on kicking habits, but on getting to the root cause of those habits to make sure they don’t return.

We dedicate our programs to treating the mind, body, and soul of teens struggling with addiction, removing their need to compensate for traits they might feel they lack with artificial highs.

Contact Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge

If you think that Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge is the remedy for your teenage son, contact our teen addiction help center today. We can help your son shake off his habits of self-abuse and self-destruction, and put him back on Christ’s path through support, mentoring and the Gospel. Find out more about our Christian boarding school for boys and residential programs for troubled youth.


Teen Challenge Works!

  • Ronald Reagan

    Ronald Reagan

    I speak from more than 20 years of knowledge of the organization when I tell you, Teen Challenge works.

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