The Benefits of Choosing a Christian Rehab Center

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Why Choose a Christian Rehab Center?

At Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge, we take a Christ-centered approach to substance abuse treatment. Our drug treatment program emphasizes faith and Christian discipleship, giving young men the tools they need to overcome their addictions and change their behavior. If your teen is suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, you may be wondering what kind of treatment center you should choose. Here, we discuss some of the reasons why you should choose a Christian rehab center.

A Sense of Community

During substance abuse treatment and recovery, you need the support of an understanding community. At a Christian recovery center, every student is bonded by a similar goal: to overcome addiction and develop a relationship with God. This creates a strong sense of community that helps students during the darkest moments of treatment. With a supportive community, you increase your chances of a successful recovery.

Mentoring Programs

In most Christian rehab centers, mentorship is a key component of drug treatment and recovery.   Addiction recovery is hardly easy, especially when you have to face it alone. When treatment gets difficult, experienced and knowledgeable mentors provide guidance and support to help addicts change their old habits and ways of thinking. Mentors can also fulfill a spiritual role, helping former addicts build a relationship with God. Overall, mentorship is one of the key reasons why Christian recovery programs like Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge are so successful.

A Focus on Faith

Addiction recovery is not simply detoxing and kicking bad habits – it is about treating the root of the problem and changing your behavior and ways of thought. This requires treatment that focuses on the mind, body, and spirit. Unlike secular substance abuse treatment, faith is at the heart of a Christian rehab center. Through the use of discipleship, Bible study, and Christian mentorships, former addicts can form a relationship with God, let go of their past, and learn how to develop a constructive, fulfilling lifestyle.

Contact a Christian Rehab Center

There is no denying the success of a Christian rehab center. Through community, mentorship, and faith-based teaching, former addicts are given the tools they need for long-lasting change. If you are looking for a Christian recovery program for your teen, look no further than Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge. As a boy’s boarding school, our program helps young men (ages 12-17) overcome drug addiction and other life-controlling programs. We take a Christ-centered, holistic approach to treatment, which leads toward long-term results. To learn how Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge can help your teen, contact us today.
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