Benefits of Christian Mentoring Programs

concept of mentor helping mentee in Christian mentoring programs

How Christian Mentoring Programs Can Help Troubled Teens

concept of mentor helping mentee in Christian mentoring programsNot all mentoring programs are made alike. And while most offer great benefits to the mentees who go through them, Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge has found that its Christian mentoring programs have an added edge.By making our programs Christ-centered, we are able to offer a mentoring experience that incorporates biblical teachings, faith-based lessons, and the opportunity to develop the most powerful and lasting relationship of all. Here we take a deeper look at some of those additional benefits of our Christian mentoring programs.

Someone To Listen to Your Spiritual Struggles

Faith and addiction are at odds. As your teen son overcomes his addiction through our residential, educational, and Christian mentoring programs, he will likely be wrestling with how to reconcile his past behaviors with his future of faith and devotion. A mentor will not only have experience dealing with other troubled teens in this exact situation, but they will also have the spiritual fortitude to provide guidance as necessary. They will have seen a variety of teens undergoing all manner of struggles. With this experience, they can help your teen through even his toughest situations.

Someone To Be a Role Model

Many of the troubled teens who enter our Christian mentoring programs come from dysfunctional homes or families who themselves struggle, financially, emotionally, or spiritually. Your teen son may not have ever felt like he had a true role model who displayed for him how it looks to live by biblical principle. A mentor can be a role model, providing the image of an upstanding practitioner of the faith while offering advice and counsel through your son’s difficult journey toward a healthier life.

Someone To Set the Expectations

A mentor is going to be someone who holds your son spiritually accountable where his peers may not. A mentor will have the authority and attitude of a person of useful and valuable spiritual knowledge. They will be able to meet your son at his level of development and set the next level of expectations for his development. By holding him accountable, a mentor from our Christian mentoring programs can guide your son at a reasonable pace through his journey, helping him and challenging him as necessary for the best transformation.

More Than A Christian Mentoring Program

Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge is so much more than a Christian mentoring program. We are a full residency Christian boarding school for boys. This means that your son’s time with us will be all about his building relationships with similarly-motivated teen boys who have struggled just like him and who are seeking a new life through Christ. To learn more about our program, all you have to do is take the first step. Your inquiry comes with no obligation to enroll your son in our teen addiction recovery and Christian mentoring programs. We recognize the difficulty of a decision like this, and we want you to make it with as much information as we can provide. Contact us today to see how we can help.
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