How a Christian Boarding School for Boys Can Help with Addiction

young male teen attending Teen Challenge Christian boarding school for boys

Combatting Addiction with Christian Boarding School for Boys

young male teen attending Teen Challenge Christian boarding school for boysMid-Atlantic Teen Challenge is a Christian boarding school for boys who are struggling with addiction or repeated instances of negligent and problematic behavior. By giving your teen boy a disciplined and Christ-centered environment, we enable him to overcome his damaging habits and live the life God intended for him.But if you aren’t familiar with how a Christian boarding school for boys works or you simply have some reservations about being apart from your child for an extended period of time, then making the decision to enroll him with our residential, educational, and mentoring program can be very difficult.At Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge, we are used to speaking with parents and families who have questions about how our program works. And while we hope that the reviews and the word of mouth about our program speak for themselves, we are happy to discuss the ways that a Christian boarding school for boys can not only help your teen tackle addictive and harmful behaviors but also help him learn the discipline and skills to function as a productive and addiction-free adult once he graduates. Here we share a few of the ways our program can help.

Instills Structure

One important way that our Christian boarding school for boys improves the life of your troubled teen is by providing him with a daily schedule and routine. This schedule includes time for morning worship, chores, education, mealtimes, recreational times, group prayer, and more. By giving him an established itinerary, we ensure that he won’t face the same temptations and triggers that drove him to substance abuse or disruptive behavior.

Fosters Community

Addiction has a way of isolating the user, cutting his ties with friends and family. By putting your troubled teen boy through a program where he will be learning, praying, and developing his character alongside other boys who are learning to appreciate the life God has laid out for them, we ensure that he builds healthy bonds which reinforce sobriety and faithfulness.

Offers The “Jesus Factor”

The most important element of our Christian boarding school for boys is what we call the “Jesus factor.” While things like a daily routine and faith-based community do wonders for troubled teens, we have seen time and time again that what really turns troubled youth around is when they recognize that they can begin building a personal relationship with Christ by denouncing their troubled behaviors. And this is a relationship that fulfills in a way that no substance ever could.

MA Teen Challenge: A Christian Boarding School for Boys

If your teen boy is acting out irrationally and aggressively, isolating himself from you and his friends, going out for long periods without any word of his whereabouts, or engaging in dangerous activities on a consistent basis, then it may be time to consider our Christian boarding school for boys. To get started, simply fill out our Step 1 form and wait for one of our staff to contact you. There is no obligation once you make a program inquiry. We recognize that the decision ahead of you is difficult, and we want to provide you with as much information about our program as possible for you to make the best decision for your family.
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