Common Causes of Teen Addiction

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What Causes Addiction in Teens?

Teen addiction is so avoidable and yet so pervasive. Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge offers troubled teen boys and their families a reprieve. And while the reforming process of attending a Christian boarding school for boys isn’t always easy, the results are effective and lasting. Boys overcoming their teen addiction will have opportunities to write home and phone their parents, with occasional time allotted for visits.But while treating troubled youth is our focus, family and friends may benefit from coming to understand the common causes of teen addiction. While it is not always the case, sometimes addiction can arise out of dysfunctional social or family environments. If your teen feels incapable of expressing his emotions in the home, for instance, he may turn to peers who encourage disruptive, damaging behavior, or who get him hooked on substances.With as much experience as we’ve had helping our attendees deal with their teen addiction, we have learned a few things about its causes. Here we explain some of the common reasons we encounter at Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge.

Common Prescriptions

Drugs like Ritalin and Adderall are still prescribed with some regularity. And while they may be prescribed for legitimate medical reasons, they can become addictive if misused or experimented with. It is often the case that youth with attention disorders feel as if they need more stimulation to remain focused. When drugs can offer that additional stimulation, teens may turn to them more and more, or they may seek out other substances to perform a similar function.In these cases, it’s important to remember that teen addiction often preys on your teen’s vulnerability. It is not necessarily his fault for becoming unhealthily attached to a substance, but he will have to take some responsibility to sort things out. Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge helps teens realize their potential for taking control of their lives by allowing Christ to guide them.

Dysfunctional Homes

Boys struggling with teen addiction often come from dysfunctional homes. If they do not grow up in an environment that fosters faithfulness, devotion, and discipline, then they become more likely to engage in antisocial behaviors such as drug use.

Social Pressure

With as much as the media tends to glorify drug and alcohol use, it’s no surprise that so many adolescents suffer from teen addiction. And once any of their friends adopt these poor habits, it becomes easier and easier for your teen boy to follow the crowd. This is part of what makes a stable home life so important. If your child is able to find more value in his relationships outside of the home, he’ll become much more susceptible to negative peer pressure.

Get Help For Teen Addiction from Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge

At Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge, we are not interested in ascribing blame for the causes of teen addiction. We are interested in bringing your son into a loving, faith-centered learning and living environment that will help him reform his detrimental behaviors. When your teen graduates from our program, he will be prepared to stand up to his former addictions. With Christ at his side, he will be a capable and upright young adult. For more information on our Christian boarding school for boys, our drug addiction help, and our mentoring programs, please contact us with your obligation-free inquiry today.
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