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Why You Should Donate to Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge

Donating to Mid-Atlantic Teen ChallengeRunning an Adolescent Teen Challenge program, like the one at Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge, is not an inexpensive endeavor. There are a lot of costs to facilitate the kind of holistic healing that we provide our teen participants. In fact, we often get several questions about the high cost of our program. The cost is high, but even the cost of the program does not cover the expenses incurred during the year. We also heavily rely on gifts from people who believe in what we are doing here at Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge. Below, we’ve listed some of the things that we think set our Teen Challenge apart and make our program a worthwhile investment for those who would like to give and be a part of healing troubled teens!


As a part of our teen challenge, we allow participants to continue their education. They are even able to obtain a high school diploma from our accredited Christian Boarding School. They will be able to take all the classes that they would at a regular high school with the addition of some Bible classes. We want our kids at Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge to have the best chance possible once they leave our program. We believe that education plays a vital role in that. So, when you give to Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge, you are contributing to molding the educational futures of those who seek help through our program.

Mentoring and Discipleship

This is a vital part of our holistic healing program. We believe that through our discipleship and mentoring programs, participants will be able to work through the deeply rooted issues that have led them to addiction. By working through these complex root issues with the help of our knowledgeable team members at Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge, they will be able to overcome their addiction.

Tax Deductible

Another great thing about giving to Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge is that your gift will be tax deductible. You’ll get an email with the receipt for your contribution as well as an annual giving statement at the beginning of the calendar year. You can also choose to send your gift via PayPal.

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Whether you have more questions about giving to Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge or want to discuss the possibility of admitting your son to our program, we would love to talk to you! We believe that our program is exactly what teen’s struggling with addiction need to overcome their substance abuse and live full lives. We would love to answer any further questions you may have!
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