Drug Addiction Help: What Does it Mean to be an Enabler?

Drug Addiction and Enabling

Drug Addiction Questions: Am I an Enabler?

Drug Addiction and EnablingIf your teen is struggling with drug addiction, it’s important that you’re there for them. But you shouldn’t be there for them to the point that you’re enabling the addiction. There’s a fine line between showing someone you support them and enabling. Today in the Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge blog, we talk about being an enabler and the dangers that come with it.

Enabling vs. Supporting

First, let’s talk about the difference between enabling and support. When you show support for someone with a drug addiction, you need to be showing support for their efforts to get better. Let them know that you want to be there for them and that you want to help them through their rehabilitation process. But you also need to let them know that you won’t be condoning any of their addictions and that you won’t be contributing to their ability to foster it. While this might seem obvious, it’s something that parents of teens with drug addictions sometimes miss. That’s because you may be enabling them without even knowing it. If you give them money to go out with friends, and you know they have a drug addiction, you’re essentially enabling them. They’re free to go use that money however they choose. Although at one point, they may have been truthful about how they use their money, once the disease of addiction takes over, they’ll do what they can to feed their illness. It may be hard to stop giving your teen these things that used to be routine, and they’ll most likely retaliate against it, but it’s crucial to avoid enabling them any further. The more you enable them, the easier it is for them to give into their addiction, and the less likely they are to seek help.This is just one example of how you may be enabling your teen. Things like ignoring their addiction, covering it up, trying to clean up the messes they made, and fixing their mistakes are all classic examples of enabling.

Drug Addiction Help

If your teen is struggling with drug addiction, they can’t fight it all on their own. With a rehabilitation program like Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge, they’ll get the tools they need to overcome their addiction and live their lives sober. Drug addiction is an ongoing disease, but with help from Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge, your teen doesn’t have to be controlled by it. Contact us today for more information.  
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