Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge mentoring program praying

  • Students have scheduled weekly phone calls home on Thursday and Sunday evenings.
  • The frequent exchange of letters is encouraged. Your son will have supplies and time to write home, also.
  • Each family is also assigned a Parent Contact, a staff member who will contact you with bi-weekly updates and answer any questions you may have.
  • Detailed monthly progress reports are also sent to each parent/guardian.

You are ultimately in control of deciding what is best for your son’s care and we can work with you on options for transporting your son here safely and without incident. Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge does not provide professional transport services, but you may contact our preferred provider, Venture Transport Services, at 913-777-1675.

Here are some tips for getting your son to Teen Challenge:

  • Write a letter.   Several of our parents have told us writing a letter to their son explaining what is happening has worked for them.
  • Pack everything.   Get ready ahead of time. Leave early in the morning. “Everything is packed and we’re taking a trip” should be enough to get a groggy teenager moving.
  • Bring friends.   Often families arrive with a youth pastor or neighbor to assist in transporting their son.

People often petition the court to rule in favor of sentencing their son to Teen Challenge instead of jail. It is imperative that when the courts are petitioned to do this that it is clearly communicated that Teen Challenge is a faith-based program and that Christian, Biblical principles and practices are fully integrated into our mentoring programs.

If needed, we can provide you with a letter to give to your prosecutor, defense attorney, or judge to use in such a petition.

Adolescent Teen Challenge centers are under greater restrictions and legal oversight, which limits their fundraising activities. They must also provide more specialized services, such as year-round secondary schooling. This, among other factors, requires that a fee be charged. In most cases, the fees charged do not cover the actual costs of the services provided.

Additionally, adult Teen Challenge centers offer “micro-enterprises” to their residents which allows them to earn income while enrolled in the program. These opportunities, such as thrift-stores, craft making, and more, are not options for the teenage boys at our center who are in year-round school and subject to child-labor laws.

For students whose families are paying month-to-month:

  • Admission fees are non-refundable.
  • An entire month’s tuition is due for any month with at least one day enrollment in the program.
  • Refunds will only be made for whole months of pre-paid tuition that the student was not enrolled. Thus, if you pay for July and August, and your son is withdrawn July 6th, you will only receive a refund for August’s tuition.

For students whose families pay for the entire year up front:

  • Admission fees are non-refundable.
  • Your pre-paid tuition is held in escrow and one month’s tuition is actualized on intake day and on the first of each following month.
  • Refunds will only be made for whole months of pre-paid tuition that the student was not enrolled, minus any pre-payment discounts.

We give full disclosure to every family who enters Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge that this is a Christian boarding school for boys. Entrance into all Teen Challenge programs are voluntary, and part of that voluntary agreement include participation in all aspects of the program, including the religious aspects of the program.

That said, progress through our program for troubled teens does not require that the student have any particular religious experience, however, it is highly unlikely that he will not. Most of our students give their lives wholeheartedly to Jesus Christ, as all of our students are encouraged to do.

While many think it is the combination of both the length of the program (12 months) and the faith-based environment that helps people to overcome life-controlling problems, we believe it is “the Jesus Factor.” We believe that when people develop a relationship with God, everything changes for them. This means that new priorities, attitudes, reactions, plans, and goals in life all add up to cause real change. A new life in Christ and incorporating Biblical principles for daily living replace the old lifestyle, attitudes, and behaviors.

No. Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge is a Christian rehabilitation center. We rely on the teachings of Christ, the work of the Holy Spirit, and the study and practical application of Biblical principles to be the transformative component of our substance abuse treatment. While we recognize psychological and medical expertise to address many of the issues of addictions, we approach these issues from a spiritual perspective.

It is because of this that most insurance will not cover the cost of Teen Challenge. Various states, school districts, judicial systems, and even some insurance providers may be willing to provide funds to pay for the program, but you will need to determine this on your own. Most families pay for Teen Challenge without the help of their insurance provider.

Family Weekends happen at Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge every two months, and are a time of much healing and encouragement for parents and their boys. Families may plan for Family Weekend to begin every odd-numbered month on the third Friday. The Family Weekend schedule will look something like this:

  • Friday Afternoon
    • Family counseling sessions begin
    • Graduation ceremony at 7:00 p.m.
    • Boys who have earned weekend passes are dismissed
  • Saturday morning
    • Family counseling continues
    • Activities for families
    • Lunch
  • Saturday afternoon
    • Activities continue
    • Parent groups meet (role playing, family strengthening exercises)
    • Cookout
    • Families dismissed for evening.
  • Sunday
    • Attend church together as a group (usually in Hampton or Newport News)
    • Boys with passes dismissed for lunch with families
    • All other boys and families have lunch at Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge
    • Good-byes

Boys who are Juniors and Seniors in high school may be able to complete enough school work while at Teen Challenge to graduate with a diploma from our academy. This is a regular diploma, not a G.E.D. It is our hope that most boys will be able to get their education on track, take advantage of all our academy has to offer, and earn a diploma.

The academy operates year-round, so there is ample opportunity for a junior or senior to earn his high school diploma.

At Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge we have our own small, private academy that uses the “Ignitia”curriculum from Alpha Omega publishing. This provides us with a hybrid approach to learning that combines the robust, high-quality curriculum of Ignitia with live teachers in our classroom. Students receive their lessons online, with instruction and guidance from live teachers in the classroom.


MATC is a 12-month residential program. We do not offer a shorter experience. We are able to offer additional months (up to 15 total) for students who may need the help transitioning back to school, work, or military service.

We receive boys from age 12-17. A boy may turn 18 while in the program and continue as long as he has high school coursework to complete. We do not accept students on or after their 18th birthday.

The cost to families for the Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge program is $2750 per month. This is the lowest price that we are able to offer for 24 hour residential care, food, shelter, and programming. In fact, were it not for the generous support of our many donors, churches, and ministry friends the cost would be much higher. Many families look to relatives, neighbors, and friends for assistance paying tuition.  

Families that use financing options or are able to pay for the entire year’s tuition may be eligible for a discount. Please contact us by phone if this is an option for you.


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