What Makes a Christian Rehab Center Different?

Christian rehab program

The Difference of a Christian Rehab Center

Christian rehab programIf your child is struggling with addiction, you may be searching high and low for the right treatment center. You want to send your teen son to the right facility, one that will help him overcome his addictions and come out of the experience stronger and healthier. Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge is a Christian rehab center focused on providing holistic substance abuse treatment for teen boys from the ages of 12 to 18. Many parents who inquire about our services wonder what makes a Christian rehab center different than other addiction treatment centers. In today’s blog, we take a look at what makes our Christian rehab center different from the rest and how our programs can help your teen son.

Treat the Cause and the Symptoms

Addiction does not occur on its own. When people are struggling with an addiction – whether it be drugs, alcohol, or another type of destructive behavior – there is almost always an underlying cause. Our holistic approach to substance abuse takes a look at your son’s life and experiences to help him identify the original problems that caused him to seek out the addictive substances in the first place. Once we’ve identified the root causes, we work with your son to address the issues while also guiding him through the steps to overcome his addiction. Addressing the root and the symptoms at the same time helps give your teen the tools that he’ll need to resist temptations after he finishes the Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge program.

Renew Mind and Spirit

The main way our Christian rehab center differs from other rehabilitation programs is that we focus on both the addiction itself and the person. Our faith-based approach to addiction recovery helps our students discover their identity in Christ while teaching them how to overcome their addictions. Our substance abuse treatment programs take care of the physical aspects of addiction while our mentoring programs and discipleship classes take care of the spiritual aspects of addiction recovery.

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At Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge, our programs have helped hundreds of teens triumph over their addictions and continue on their life journey with the skills and tools they’ll need to continue living a healthy and sober life. If you are looking for a Christian rehab center for your teen son and you live in the Virginia area, submit an inquiry for the Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge program today and start the process to get your son the help he needs.
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