Mentoring Program: What to Look for in a Mentor

Mentoring program

What Should You Look for in a Mentoring Program?

At Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge, we know that substance abuse treatment is not something you can go through alone. For a successful recovery, you need the support and leadership of someone you can trust. This is why we place so much importance on our mentoring program. In this blog, we discuss some of the qualities you should look for in a mentor.

#1. Open Communication

When things get difficult, your mentor is the person you can go to and discuss what you are going through. This makes communication one of the most fundamental and important aspects of a quality mentor. A mentor should have a willingness to listen, ask questions, and provide sound advice. Most importantly, a mentor should be approachable. You should never feel scared or intimidated to talk about an issue with a quality mentor.

#2. Leads by Example

A good mentor should always practice what they preach in your mentoring program. In a drug treatment program, a good mentor should refrain from using drugs or alcohol and live a life of sobriety. In Christian rehab, a mentor should exemplify Christian values in their everyday life to lead you through the program and help you develop a relationship with God. At Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge, some of our leaders in the mentoring program have gone through drug treatment themselves. Their success is a true example of leading by example.

#3. Honesty

You deserve someone who is honest and straightforward with you. If you happen stray from the path to sobriety, you need someone to get you back on track. This is why honesty is another important aspect of a good mentor. A good mentor should be willing to give constructive feedback without beating around the bush.

#4. A Belief in Your Potential

A mentoring program is there to support you. Therefore, mentors should believe in your potential and your goals. Someone who is constantly doubting your abilities can hardly be considered a mentor.

#5. Compassion

Lastly, a good mentor is a caring, compassionate person. Without people who are passionate about helping others, a mentoring program would fail. To be a successful mentor, you should be excited to help others reach their goals.

The Mentoring Program at Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge

At Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge, our mentoring program is dedicated to fostering trust, sharing, and spiritual growth. Our mentors have years of experience working with teens who struggle with addiction, and some have even gone through the recovery journey themselves. To learn more about our program, contact us today!
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