Mentoring Program: How A Program Can Help Your Son

How A Mentoring Program Can Help Your Son

Young teen in a mentoring programOne of the biggest dangers to troubled teens is isolation. Unfortunately, isolation is also one of the first signs of trouble with teenagers who are beginning to slip into social dysfunction and substance abuse. Isolation is such a tough issue with teenagers because it seems impossible for them to get out of. While we may identify it as a sign of trouble, a teenager is typically equally distraught by their inability to make friends and find their way out of isolation. One good way to kickstart a teen is to get them involved in a mentoring program. At Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge, we offer several different mentoring programs and in today’s blog post, we talk about how a mentoring program could help your son.

Intentional Investment

With mentoring programs, teenagers get several things. They get someone to talk to, someone to have fun with, and most important, they get a friend. However, the mentoring process starts before that with the initial meeting. One thing that drives teenagers into isolation is the thought that nobody values them and with a mentoring program, your son will see someone intentionally investing into his life. This is an invaluable aspect of any friendship.

Systematic Support

Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge’s mentoring programs work together with our discipleship programs to create a system of support for your son at every juncture of his life. We believe that mentorship is not only for getting kids out of isolation but also for preventing them from ever getting to that point. So regardless of if your son is functioning socially and not showing any signs of trouble or is battling substance abuse and looking for rehabilitation, mentorship will be beneficial.Our programs work hand-in-hand with our discipleship programs, but they are distinctly different. Discipleship focuses on group classes and allowing your son to interact with other young men his age, while mentoring is a one-on-one context. Mentorship also focuses on the individual spiritual life of your son, allowing for a trusted friend for him to speak to about his struggles as he walks through his adolescent years.


The most important aspect of our mentoring programs is that they are centered entirely on the Gospel and the Biblical model of discipleship. Throughout the Bible, we see mentorship at work, from Eli and Samuel to Jesus and His disciples. We don’t simply want to provide your son with a place to walk through his struggles, we want to provide your son with a place where he can develop his relationship with Christ.

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