How Mentoring Programs Give Teens Strength After the Program

Teen Participating in Mentoring Programs

Mentoring Programs Can Give Teens Strength Throughout Their Lives

Teen Participating in Mentoring ProgramsWorking through rehabilitation is the first and one of the biggest obstacles that a teen addict will face. But this isn’t the only obstacle they’ll face throughout their lives. Addiction recovery is an ongoing process, and it’s tough for a teen to be alone through it. Although their friends and family can offer support and be there for them, they don’t know exactly what their teens are going through. That’s why the mentoring programs at Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge are so important. Through our mentoring programs, teens find the strength they need.

How Mentoring Programs Help Your Teen

For a teen, life can be difficult and confusing. This is especially the case when a teen is suffering or recovering from a substance addiction. Often, these teens feel like they have no one to turn to or no one who understands them. We’ve all felt this at some point in our lives, but for a teen recovering from addiction, the feeling can be especially intense. If a teen doesn’t feel like they have the support they need, they could relapse and start the vicious cycle over again. This is the worst case scenario, of course, but it’s something that happens all too often.That’s what the mentoring programs at Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge help to prevent. Our mentors work one-on-one with your teen to give them the emotional and spiritual support they need right now. Of course, the support of their friends and family is essential too, but it helps to have someone who understands what they’re going through and who has helped countless other teens through the same issues.

Giving Them Strength

No matter who you are, recovering from addiction takes a lot of strength and courage. And no matter who you are, you can’t do it alone. Our mentors not only connect with the teens on a personal level to help them on their recovery journey, but they also help them to connect with God. Through the support of their friends, family, and mentoring program, and through the guidance they find in their faith, they’ll have the strength and fortitude to control their addiction throughout their lives.

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