The Effects of Alcohol on the Body

The Effects of Alcohol on the BodyWhen it comes to alcohol, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Though drinking may make you feel good at the moment, your body will certainly pay the price later. At Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge, we know that far too many young people are not aware of the effects of alcohol before they start drinking, which leads them down a dangerous path of addiction. To help raise awareness, we’ve laid out just a few of the ways that alcohol consumption can impact your body and mind.

Short-Term Effects

The effects of alcohol begin as soon as you take your first sip. Almost immediately, alcohol is absorbed into your bloodstream through your stomach lining. Though you may feel a sense of relaxation and confidence, you will also soon experience impaired motor functions, judgment, and memory. You will also experience lowered inhibitions, causing you to say and do things you wouldn’t normally do when you are sober. The more you drink, the more the negative effects will outweigh the positive.

Effects on the Brain

Alcohol has a huge impact on the brain, especially when it comes to memory. When you drink, there are some moments of the evening that you may not remember. This is called temporary amnesia. When you get severely drunk, you may experience a “blackout” and not remember several hours or even an entire evening.Drinking also impacts the brain’s reward system. When you drink, your brain releases dopamine and GABA, neurotransmitters that create feelings of pleasure or satisfaction. Your brain also releases endorphins, pain-reducing chemicals. At Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge, we know that the release of these chemicals can easily create a vicious cycle of addiction. Since your brain’s reward system is triggered by alcohol, you are more likely to binge drink more often in the future.

Effects of the Body

Your whole body takes a hit when your drink, but the liver certainly takes the brunt of it. The liver metabolizes alcohol as your drink, and if you consume more than one drink per hour, the liver cannot process the alcohol fast enough. Over time, binge drinking can lead to several liver problems such as fatty liver disease and alcoholic hepatitis, which are both extremely common with long-term drinkers.But alcohol impacts more organs than just the liver. It causes the stomach to produce more acid than usual, leading to inflammation and even stomach bleeding. It also causes your heart-rate to increase, which can disrupt sleep and bring about heart palpitations. Long-term binge drinking can even lead to heart disease.

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