Preventing Teen Opiate Addiction

Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge Takes a Look at Preventing Opiate Addiction in Teens.

 Preventing Teen Opiate Addiction

Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge is dedicated to faith-based substance abuse treatment and programs for troubled teens, using the teaching and guidance of Christ to help teenage boys age 12-17 overcome their addictions. At Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge, we’ve seen first hand what an addiction to opiates can do to a teenage boy and his family. In today’s blog, Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge looks at some ways to prevent teen opiate addiction.

Remove Access to the Drug

More and more doctors are limiting opiate prescriptions. Recent studies have suggested that ibuprofen and acetaminophen perform very well in treating and controlling acute pain. If your teen is prescribed an opiate for pain, consider talking with your doctor about other pain control options. Also, if old narcotics are still in your home, talk to your physician or local law enforcement agency about ways to safely dispose of them.

Make Sure Your Teen Has a Primary Care Provider

Annual visits to the doctor are a great opportunity for teens to talk confidentially about their own unique risk factors. Undiagnosed depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress are big risk factors in developing an addiction. A teen who uses alcohol before the age of 15 is 5 times more likely to develop a substance use disorder later in life than those who waited until 21 to drink.

Be a Positive Role Model

Find ways to increase positive role modeling and have strong parental involvement with your teens. Be sure to reward positive behavior, like good grades and positive reports from school. Talk openly with your teens about the dangers of addiction. Also talk openly with school officials about zero tolerance policies regarding drug use.

Remove the Stigma of Addiction

Opiates are highly addictive because they make people feel pain-free, confident and euphoric — at least for a little while. Once dependence takes hold, people need the drug daily or they become sick from withdrawal. Teens are often unaware that they can get in so deep so quickly. Ensure that your teen knows that addiction happens fast, but the path out of addiction can be long and painful.

Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge Can Help

If your teen is struggling with drug addiction, they can’t fight it on their own. At Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge, he will get the tools he needs to overcome addiction and live a sober life. While drug addiction is a disease that is never cured, Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge can help your teen gain control over his addiction. Contact us today to find out more.

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