Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge: Why Does Addiction Start?

Young man at Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge

Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge Discusses the Beginnings of Addiction

Young man at Mid-Atlantic Teen ChallengeAt Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge, we provide a safe environment for teenage boys struggling with addiction to recover and get the help they need. Our program provides holistic treatment, focusing on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of addiction recovery. Many concerned parents come to us with a number of questions, including “why does addiction start, and what could have been done to prevent it?” The answers to these questions are not so simple. The experience of addiction is different for everyone, so different people will have different reasons for developing an unhealthy relationship with drugs or alcohol. Here are just of a few of the reasons why some people develop addictive habits.


It’s no secret that biology has a major impact on your behaviors, and, thus, your chances of developing an addiction. Many people incorrectly see addiction as a personal choice, but many other factors play into it. When a person engages in drug use, they disrupt the normal patterns of the brain. For some, this disruption causes them to go back to the substance over and over, even when it’s destructive. Whether or not they will eventually abuse the substance is largely genetic. While some people can engage in recreational drug use without a problem, others are biologically-inclined to develop an addiction.


A person’s environment and social circle are major factors in shaping their beliefs, habits, and health. When you occupy an environment that promotes drinking, drug use, and other negative lifestyle choices, those choices are more likely to develop into an addiction. Some people can rise above peer pressure, but it is certainly not easy. This is why Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge uses a boarding school approach to addiction recovery. By taking young people out of a destructive environment, they become more likely to break their unhealthy habits.

Emotional Trauma

Experiencing trauma, grief, and other emotional issues at a young age is commonly linked to drug abuse. For some, drugs and alcohol serve as a coping mechanism for emotional trauma which leads to addiction later in life. At Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge, we work to find the root cause of addiction and help individuals come up with new, constructive ways to deal with negative emotions.

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Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge believes that addiction can be overcome through community bonding and spiritual teachings. Our programs center around mentorship and Christian discipleship, giving our students the tools they need to overcome addiction and live a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle. If you are looking for help for your teenage son, contact Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge today.
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