Parent’s Guide: Caring For The Rest Of Your Family

Parent’s Guide: Caring For The Rest Of Your Family

Parent’s Guide: Caring For The Rest Of Your Family

When your child is in treatment, it can sometimes be hard to focus on anything else. Nonetheless, it is important for you to take care of yourself and the rest of your family as well. In this blog, Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge discusses taking care of your whole family when a child is in treatment.

Explain The Situation

Be honest with your family members. Tell them what is happening, and make sure that you are prepared to respond to some difficult questions. If you have other children, make sure that they feeling supported. Remind them that their sibling is doing exactly what they should be, they are seeking the treatment that they need. Offer family therapy and individual therapy as options.

Provide Comfort

Your family members might feel nervous or apprehensive during this time, but make sure that you explain to them the selection process that you went through in order to choose the right option for your teen. Family members might feel angry with the actions of your teen, but encourage them to try to find forgiveness.

Take Care Of Yourself

As the parent or caretaker of a troubled teen, you will also be struggling. Be kind to yourself. Make sure that you are seeking therapy and support from friends and family. Do not feel worried or ashamed to reach out to your pastor or church for additional support.

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