Parent’s Guide: Supporting Your Troubled Teen

Supporting Your Troubled Teen

Parent’s Guide to Supporting Your Troubled Teen

If your teenage son is in a treatment program, it may seem hard to find ways to support him. You may feel hurt or betrayed by his actions, but it is imperative that you are open with him and actively try to help him understand that he is supported. This blog by Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge provides you with a few ways to help support your teen who is seeking treatment.

Strengthen Communication

In order to work on the communication between you and your child, it is important to try to leave your pain behind. It might be unrealistic to say that you can get over the hurt caused by your child’s actions, but it is imperative that you are open to what your teen is currently going through. Instead of judging your teen, find empathy for them. Try to share your honest observations, but choose your words carefully. Before talking to your child about their treatment, talk to their therapist, doctor, or treatment advocate to ensure that you are up to date on their progress.

Set Goals

Be realistic about the goals that you set for your teen and for yourself. Attend family and individual therapy sessions and participate with positive interaction as your own personal goal. Express to your teen that you are proud of them for attending their recovery program. Remove all drugs, alcohol, and any sort of substance that your teen has a history with from your home.

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