Parent’s Guide: Treatment Options

Parent’s Guide: Treatment Options

Parent’s Guide: Treatment Options

If your teen is struggling with addiction, you may feel upset, hurt, and overwhelmed. While these feelings are entirely normal, it is important that you understand that you are supported. In this blog post, Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge provides you with a concise guide for finding the best assistance for your teen.

What Are Common Treatment Options?

Before you can determine the best treatment for your teen, it is important that you understand the options that are available to you. Rehab programs for teenagers are effective ways to begin the treatment process. It can be beneficial for a teen to be in a new environment that is focused solely on recovery. Mentorship programs help students to find a role model who they are able to interact positively with. Mentorship is effective because someone your teen respects is leading by example. Medication can be effective, but it may also not be the right option for your teen. Some medications do not work well with teens and may not be suitable for their needs. Although many treatment options exist, it is important that you assess your teen’s needs, and make sure that you are providing your teen with the treatment that is best for them. It is a good idea to get the opinion of a medical professional and ask for input from your teen.

Why Should You Choose Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge?

At Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge, healing through faith is our biggest focus. We believe that every teenage boy who struggles with addiction can be encouraged to regain their path. We provide strong mentorship and discipleship programs that are focused on genuine connection and rooted in positive experience through Christ. We provide substance abuse treatment centered on reconnection to family and faith. We also operate a boarding school for boys. Our curriculum is focused on providing our students with biblical knowledge in addition to quality education. Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge programs focus on recovery through social, spiritual, emotional, and therapeutic intervention.

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If you believe that your teen son could benefit from our faith-based programs, we would be honored to help him begin his journey toward recovery and rehabilitation. Contact us online today or by phone at (757)244-3733.
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