Reexamining Habits – A Message to Teens and Parents

Healthy Habits

What are Healthy Patterns for My Son to Develop?

Habits are things we do again and again.Whether good, bad, or indifferent, our habits can help us or hurt us. In today’s blog, Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge examines teens’ habits before addiction happens, how to implement changes, and how parents can help.

Attitude Adjustment

The days of junior high and high school can feel like a constant popularity contest. If you notice your teen getting caught up in drama at school, this is a normal occurrence. However, seeing life as a big competition can make him sidetracked and distracted from what really matters. Instead of feeling like you’ll never measure up, try shifting the focus to everyone being on a level playing field. It doesn’t have to be a winner-loser mentality. Everyone has faults, insecurities, and doubts of their own, whether they decide to share them or not.

Be Proactive Instead of Reactive

Rather than blaming problems on your teachers or parents, take some responsibility for your life and own up to your mistakes. This concept is not easy, but playing the victim card isn’t the answer. Say things like, “I’ll try harder next time” or “It won’t happen again” and learn from previous failures.

Renew Yourself

Some teens are so busy that they don’t take time to recharge, unwind, and improve themselves. Try to learn something new in school each day. Explore nature by going on hikes, retreats, and wilderness trips, and read a good book. You never know where inspiration could come from. When you relax and rejuvenate, you help to avoid getting burned out and come back ready to tackle whatever task is at hand.

The Role of Adults

Teens are naturally driven to seek new experiences. While parents can’t force their kids to try new things, they can help by providing experiences that allow their son to discover his purpose in life. Expose your teen to a new service opportunity or a trip overseas. Traveling abroad is one example of how your son can develop a sense of purpose and identity — giving him the proper perspective and outlook he needs in order to see his place in the world. Encourage your son to get outside of his comfort zone in positive ways.

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