Signs Your Son May Need Drug Addiction Help

Drug Addiction Help Signs

teen boy in need of drug addiction help Being a teenager is difficult. We can all remember what it was like going through middle school and high school – the emotions, the confusion and frustration, and the drama making every situation feel like life or death. When you have to deal with fluctuating hormones while also trying to figure out who you are, it can be easy to get sucked into destructive activities like drug and alcohol use. When you’re a parent of a teenager, it can be difficult to interact with your child in the same way you did when they were younger. Your teen is trying to exert their independence and become their own person, but they also need your guidance as a parent. One thing you should be on the lookout for is if your teen needs drug addiction help. In today’s Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge blog, we take a look at four of the common signs that your teen may need drug addiction help and what to do if that is the case.

Sudden Lifestyle Changes

Teenagers are quick to change their mind – that’s their main M.O. However, when your teen makes drastic and rapid changes to their life, that can be cause for alarm. Dropping out of clubs and quitting teams that they were previously passionate about can be concerning. While changing their mind about a group or club isn’t necessarily a sign on its own that your teen needs drug addiction help, when it is paired with other drastic changes it can be a sign that help is needed.   

Increased Isolation

Dropping out of clubs and groups paired with cutting off communication with important friends and loved ones can also be a sign that drug addiction help is needed. Shame and depression are common side effects of drug and alcohol addiction, so many teens isolate themselves to try and reduce the feelings of guilt. Again, changing friends is not a cause for concern on its own, but it is a sign that your teen may be struggling a little bit.

Missing Money and Items

While many teens have jobs that give them money for different activities and expenses, drug and alcohol abuse requires a lot of money. If you have started to notice money going missing from your wallet or smaller items disappearing from your house, have a conversation with your teen. Don’t assume that they’re the one responsible for the missing items – instead, create a space where they can be open and honest with you.

Drastic Change in Appearance

Another indication that your teen may be struggling is if they have drastic changes in their appearance. While changes in style are common for most teens as they try to figure out who they are and how they want to represent themselves to the world, sudden and intense changes to their appearance can be cause for concern.

Drug Addiction Help from Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge

If you are concerned that your teen son needs help, the most important thing you can do is talk with him in a situation where he feels comfortable and safe opening up to you. After your conversation, if you feel like your teen needs drug addiction help, contact Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge. Our faith-based programs will take care of your son’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, giving him the tools to live a healthy and sober life. Submit an inquiry today to learn more.
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