Signs Your Teens Need Substance Abuse Treatment

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Does Your Teen Need Substance Abuse Treatment?

No parent wants their child to fall victim to drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, drug abuse and addiction are some of the biggest problems facing America’s youth today. Ignoring the signs will only worsen the problem, so if you suspect your child is abusing drugs and alcohol, take action and contact a substance abuse treatment center. Here, Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge discusses the key signs that your teen needs substance abuse treatment.

Physical Evidence

Physical evidence is the most obvious sign that your child needs substance abuse treatment. This can include finding drugs or drug paraphernalia, such as pipes and rolling papers, in your child’s room, car, or clothing. Physical evidence can also include signs of intoxication, such as disoriented behavior, bloodshot eyes, and the smell of alcohol or smoke on their clothing or breath.

Changes in Their Peer Group

In most cases, teens will change peer groups when they start abusing drugs and alcohol. They will make new friends who engage in similar activities and cut off ties with past relationships. As a parent, you will notice that your child is not hanging out with their old friends anymore.Keep in mind that a change in peer group alone does not necessarily mean your child needs substance abuse treatment. Teenage relationships can be somewhat fickle and your child is likely to make plenty of new friends throughout their middle school and high school career. In most cases, changes in peer groups are accompanied by other signs of drug abuse.

Drop in School Performance

Your teen’s social life has a huge impact on their school performance. In a short time, drugs and alcohol can change “A’s” into “D’s.” Drug abuse can also increase your chances of skipping class and showing up late to school. Sudden, dramatic changes in your teen’s report card should raise a red flag that you should be on the lookout for other signs of drug abuse and addiction.

Behavioral Changes

Drug abuse and withdrawal have a huge impact on someone’s mood and behavior. If your teen is abusing drugs and alcohol, they may not resemble the person you once knew. They may lose interest in their previous hobbies, become incredibly private and secretive about their social life, sleep at odd hours of the day, and undergo sudden, erratic mood swings. If you are worried about your teen’s behavior, it might be time to look into substance abuse treatment.

Contact a Substance Abuse Treatment Center

Since 1981, Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge has helped boys aged 12-17 overcome drug addiction and other life-controlling problems. Our holistic, Christ-centered approach to substance abuse treatment helps mend and heal the root problem that led to drug addiction in the first place. To learn how Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge can help your son, contact us today.
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