Substance Abuse Treatment: Finding The Right Solution For Your Son

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Finding the Right Substance Abuse Treatment For Your Son

Young man in substance abuse treatment looking at sunsetAs a parent, there are few things worse than the realization that your child has a substance abuse problem. Whether it be alcohol or drug abuse, no parent ever wants to face these harsh realities. At Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge, we want to help you, but most importantly, we want to help your son beat his addictions. To do that, he needs to find the right substance abuse treatment. The one thing that is more dangerous than teen addiction is an untreated teen addiction. Finding the right substance abuse treatment is the first step toward your son finding sobriety, and in today’s post, we look at several different treatment options and their benefits.

Why Does My Son Need Substance Abuse Treatment?

While substance abuse treatment certainly is not the only option, nor is it a foolproof one, it is the best solution for teens already struggling with addictions. Studies have shown a strong correlation between teen addiction and social anxiety or dysfunction. While that might seem normal for teenagers (and may even go unnoticed), that dysfunction will hinder your son’s ability to interact correctly with the people around him. He also won’t have the necessary training to handle the stresses of life, including a career and relationships.There is also the physical health side of things, as teen addiction can also result in long-term health problems. Addictions that start early are more dangerous because the teenage brain is still not fully developed. If your son is showing signs of addictions, getting him the proper treatment could save his addiction from turning into a lifetime struggle.

What Are Our Options?

There are several substance abuse treatment options. Most treatments will begin with some sort of detox, which is a period of time where you son would be cut off from any access to the substances they are addicted to while simultaneously being treated for said addiction. This will likely be the roughest part of the recovery process and usually requires medical attention to keep withdrawal symptoms in check.What follows is more up to you and your teen. There are two main forms of rehabilitation, the first being inpatient rehab and the second being outpatient rehab. Inpatient rehab is a residential substance abuse treatment, where you son would be surrounded by doctors and counselors as he recovers. This also includes group therapy sessions. Outpatient rehab is simply a step down from inpatient and can also be a follow-up to inpatient, as your teen will be counseled and monitored, but all while living at home.

Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge Can Help

Dealing with teen addiction isn’t easy, but the best way to combat it is by finding the right substance abuse treatment. At Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge, we specialize in helping teens recover from addiction. Contact us today at (757) 244-3733 or visit our website for more information.
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