Meet The Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge Staff

Staff of Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge

We believe that the key to a successful rehabilitation program is a result of allowing the teaching of Jesus Christ to guide our staff members in the development of our troubled teens. Using Christian values and a steady dose of guidance and discipline, our staff is well equipped to help your troubled teen find the path to a healthy, disciplined adulthood. Our staff will help your son develop a relationship with Jesus Christ. We call this “the Jesus Factor”. We believe that when people develop a relationship with God, everything about their lives changes. And our staff is uniquely qualified to help your son develop that relationship.

Our Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge staff have been trained in the intricacies of the Christian Religion as well as keys to teaching those lessons to troubled teens. Years of experience in the teaching of teen boys have prepared our staff for the development of your son or grandson. Our program includes mentoring programs, substance abuse treatment, as well as Christian discipleship training.

As we are focused on helping teens break free from addiction and other life-controlling issues, our staff is trained on how to use the teachings of Jesus Christ to bring your troubled teen into a relationship with God. As our services are specifically created for teen boys between 12-17, we also take education very seriously. Our staff is committed to making certain that your son or grandson has a chance at success after finishing the substance abuse treatment.


1446 Kempsville Road Suite #204

Virginia Beach, VA 23464


Main Office FAX: 757-227-3813

Rocky Russell / Executive Director

Office Ext. #223

Sarah Makin / Administration Director

Office Ext. # 221

Joan Evans / Admissions Representative

Office Ext. #220

Chris Revay / Bookkeeper


9302 Warwick Blvd.

Newport News, VA 23601


Boys Academy FAX: 757-244-3252

Jerry Greene / Program Director

Office Ext. #124

Waleska Rodriguez / Residential Coordinator

Office Ext. #123

Te’rel Roman / Support Staff

Antoine Snead / Support Staff

Rodney Wilson / Support Staff

Further Questions About Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge

Contact our friendly, helpful staff at 757.244.3733 anytime between M-F 9:00 am — 4:30 pm Eastern Standard Time. Or, if you would prefer, you can email us at anytime. Our staff is ready and willing to answer any and all questions you have about our Christian boarding school, our substance abuse treatment, or any other aspect of Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge. If you think we could help your son overcome self-abuse and substance addictions, please contact us today.


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