The Legacy of Faith-Based Programs

The Legacy of Faith-Based Programs

The Legacy of Faith-Based Programs

Faith-based recovery programs have a profound effect on individuals who complete them. This blog by Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge provides you with information related to faith-based recovery programs and the positive legacy associated with them.

Cultivating and Reaffirming Faith

When in the recovery process, it is important for individuals to have a positive goal to focus on. Faith is a powerful cornerstone that can help add a level of structure, contentment and self-fulfillment to a recovery program. If your teen has become distanced from Christ, faith-based recovery helps reaffirm their faith. If your teen has never shown an active interest in Christ, a faith-based program can allow them to form a deep connection with the Bible.

Creating a Support Group

The friendships your teen will cultivate in a faith-based recovery program can last a lifetime. They will create lasting connections with counselors, mentors, and program participants. This helps your teen to feel as though they are not alone as they move out of recovery and into remission. They learn to heal spiritually, not just emotionally and physically.

A Hopeful Path

After treatment, your son has a story to share. A story of faith and hope. Your teen can find a place in their home church speaking to teenagers about the dangers of drug use and the hope that faith provides. With Christ there is always a reason to keep progressing, growing, and learning.

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