Treating the Root Cause of Teen Addiction

The Importance of Treating the Root Cause of Teen Addiction

Treating the Root Cause of Teen AddictionTeen addiction does not arise from out of just anywhere. There is always a root cause. The use of drugs or alcohol are usually a means of self-medication in response to a traumatic experience, mental health issues, or peer pressure.When treating teen addiction, it’s essential to search for and address the root causes of the substance abuse, or your child will never be able to move past it. There is a reason that they began engaging in risky behavior in the first place.

Traumatic Experiences

Trauma has proven to be the most common cause of both teen addiction and mental health struggles. Everyone experiences trauma differently, so something you might not consider traumatic may be something that is causing your teen to spiral. For some people, a car crash, surgery, or even a break-up can be experienced as a trauma and cause emotional damageIf your child has experienced a traumatic event in their life, there is a high likelihood of developing anxiety or depression. With this increases the chances they will engage in substance abuse as a means of self-medication.If something traumatic has occurred in your child’s life, it’s essential to help them seek out professional help so that they can healthily deal with these things.If your child has fallen into substance abuse to do a traumatic experience, it is critical to deal with the complex emotions surrounding that event and work through them, or they’ll keep reverting to the substance they’re using to cope.

Mental Health Issues

Whether brought on by a traumatic experience or by genetics, mental health struggles like depression or anxiety can be a cause of teen addiction. This can be especially true if the teen fears they will be isolated because of the stigma attached to mental health issues. It is crucial to have open discussions with your child about mental health so that they feel comfortable seeking help.Like with a traumatic experience, teens who struggle with mental health issues might turn to substance abuse as a means of self-medication. So, to treat the addiction, you must address the underlying problem causing your teen’s addiction.

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