What’s So Special About Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment?

The Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment Difference

teen boy undergoing holistic substance abuse treatment Finding the right substance abuse treatment program can be difficult. No two programs are truly the same, and people will respond differently to different plans. At Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge, we provide holistic addiction recovery programs – but what exactly does a holistic program entail? Today, we take a look at what makes our recovery programs different from other substance abuse treatment programs.

Not Just Treating the Symptoms

Not all substance abuse treatment programs are the same. Some are set up to only treat the symptoms of addiction, not the root causes of the addiction itself. Our MATC holistic substance abuse treatment programs work by identifying what situations and issues caused our students to seek out those addictive substances in the first place. Once we’ve identified the root causes, then we can tackle the addiction from both sides. Programs that just treat the symptoms leave the person with a higher possibility of returning to their addictions.

Concern for the Body and the Mind

Addiction physically affects a person’s body, but it is often caused by an underlying mental or emotional cause. Holistic substance abuse treatments treat both the body and the mind. Instead of tackling addiction from a purely physical standpoint – reducing the body’s dependence on the substance – holistic care also examines the feelings and mindsets associated with addiction and how to correct those thoughts to prevent addiction from continuing in the future.

Treats the Whole Person

At Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge, our substance abuse treatment program focuses on five main areas: spiritual healing, emotional healing, physical healing, social healing, and educational guidance. We believe that in order for a person to truly overcome and triumph over addiction, they must be prepared for all the types of challenges life offers. By providing teaching and guidance in all of these areas, our students receive a truly holistic treatment program that will prepare them for life free of addiction.

Holistic Substance Abuse Treatment with MATC

If you are seeking a holistic substance abuse treatment program on the east coast, submit an inquiry for Mid-Atlantic Teen Challenge today. We work with teenage boys from the ages of 12 to 18 to help them overcome their addictions and change the course of their lives forever. We believe that true breakthrough from addiction comes from a relationship with Jesus and an understanding of identity through Him. Contact us today for more information on our programs and how we can help your son triumph over his addictions.
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